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New Jerusalem Community 50th Anniversary Celebration

Catch Up in the Virtual Kitchen

Saturday, November 6 from 3 - 6pm

Our New Jerusalem Community 50th Anniversary Zoom sessions were recorded so the living legacy and fruit of our 50+ years would be available to all. Catch Up in the Virtual Kitchen* happened on Saturday afternoon, Nov. 6, and featured scores of people responding to the question, “What was New Jerusalem’s impact on your life?” and Fr. John Quigley’s remarks.

Contemplate in the Upper Room* happened on Sunday afternoon, Nov. 7, and included an extended meditation and prayerful remembrance of members who have passed and joined our “great cloud of witnesses.”

Celebrate in the Portiuncula* included a retelling of the history of New Jerusalem Community; remarks by Fr. Richard, and tributes to Sr. Pat Brockman, Fr. John Quigley and Richard.(*Kitchen, Upper Room, and Portiuncula were special places where we gathered at 745 Derby Ave., Cincinnati, OH, to catch up over food, pray and celebrate.)

Click the image below to see a program (PDF) detailing the movements of the New Jerusalem Community 50th Anniversary celebration on November 6 and 7, 2021.

NJ 50th Flyer

Our Saturday, Nov. 6 “Catch Up in the Kitchen” recording here includes forty-four “open mic” responses to the question:  “How has New Jerusalem impacted your life?”

Saturday Video Guide

Enjoy the entire “open mic” experience or download this navigation guide to jump to a particular section. ⬇

Follow this link to read the many lovely comments that people made using the Zoom chat feature during Saturday’s program.

Fr. John Quigley shares poignant and tender reflections after listening to everyone participating in the Saturday afternoon Catch Up in the Kitchen.