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Fifty years of grace, love, trials, heart and gratitude

New Jerusalem Community 50th Anniversary Celebration

est. 1971

New Jerusalem Media Library

These photos were gathered and curated by Joe Metz and others. Note that they are not organized chronologically but represent all periods of New Jerusalem’s history.
Note: This is a playlist and there are eight slideshows in all.

Stories were solicited and submitted by a number of New Jerusalem people, sharing what New Jerusalem has meant to them.

N.J. Stories

Enjoy this “blast from the past” of the songs and music that drew us in and lifted our hearts.

Come Let Us Sing Info

This remarkable video was professionally created in 1976 and stands as a wonderful testament to what New Jerusalem has meant to so many people: right relationship with God, with one another, and with the world.

Although the quality of this video is less than ideal, it’s a lovely remembrance of the creativity, theatricality and delight that we’ve shared along the way.

Here’s another video of an NJ Halloween party that you may enjoy. Note: This video has no sound.