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New Jerusalem Community 50th Anniversary Celebration

est. 1971

New Jerusalem's Pastors

Fr. Richard Rohr

Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM

Founder, New Jerusalem Community (or as Richard often says, “I didn’t found New Jerusalem, it found me.”)

In the early 1970s, young Franciscan priest Fr. Richard Rohr was named the head of the Teens Encounter Christ (TEC) retreat program in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the rest, as they say, is history!

It was on Nov. 6, 1971 at a TEC retreat for Roger Bacon High School boys that the Holy Spirit set in motion what was to become the New Jerusalem Community. Richard tells that astonishing story in his own words in a Zoom video on this website as part of our NJ 50th Anniversary celebration. Although he is known as New Jerusalem’s founder, he is the first to say that it was the Spirit that founded the community. Initially, his teaching formed the faith of the teens who came in the hundreds, hungry to be a part of this extraordinary outpouring of the Spirit. Then came adults and families as the word spread about this young priest, his preaching and the young people who followed him...

John Quigley, OFM

Fr. John Quigley, OFM

Co-Pastor, New Jerusalem Community

Young Franciscan priest Fr. John Quigley became co-pastor of New Jerusalem Community in 1974 and remained in this role until 1981. A classmate of Richard Rohr and a Canadian by birth, John is an artist and a celebrated preacher, counsellor, retreat master, spiritual director and pilgrimage leader. As co- pastor of New Jerusalem he was our beloved and trusted friend and leader. He lived with us in household and led numerous New Jerusalem “traveling teams” around the country.

John’s preaching, his gifts as a liturgist, and his openhearted transparency are forever a part of his legacy at New Jerusalem. From him we learned deeply the meaning of the Trinity, of a Mother God, and of God’s passionate desire to be one with us. These convictions are enough to carry a person’s spiritual journey for a lifetime...