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New Jerusalem Community 50th Anniversary Celebration

est. 1971

The New Jerusalem Story

On the weekend of November 6-7, 1971, something truly extraordinary happened. There was a marvelous outpouring of God’s living Spirit on a group of teenage boys gathered for a TEC retreat led by a young Franciscan priest, Fr. Richard Rohr. It was unexpected and certainly unplanned. Richard preached on the Gospel parable of the Prodigal Son, the boys went to the chapel, and then there was…Pentecost!

Fifty years later, on Nov. 6-7, 2021, many of us who were swept up in that great movement of the Spirit through the ensuing years gathered on Zoom to celebrate our 50th anniversary.

This website contains the record of that fiftieth anniversary celebration, including recordings of our Zoom gatherings; recordings of Richard’s and John Quigley’s reflections; recordings of all those who spoke so movingly about the impact of New Jerusalem Community on their lives; along with photos, stories, and other precious remembrances.

You’re invited to take some time here to savor the graces of God’s 50-year love affair with New Jerusalem Community and the myriad ways that its fruitfulness continues today.

Follow this link to jump to the pages containing the videos and other content shared during our celebration.

There's lots to share from the 50+ years since the founding of New Jerusalem Community. Follow this link to enjoy photos, music, and videos collected over the decades.

There were far too many outstanding lay leaders over the years to include them all in this section. Follow this link to learn more about our beloved co-pastors, Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM and Fr. John Quigley, OFM.

Here are some people and organizations in the New Jerusalem Community “extended family.”

Center for Action and Contemplation
Illuman - Male Spirituality
Julie Lonneman
Journey The Ed Colina Foundation