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Fifty years of grace, love, trials, heart and gratitude

New Jerusalem Community 50th Anniversary Celebration

est. 1971

What Does New Jerusalem Encompass?

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It’s the movement that issued forth from the original TEC retreat on November 6 and 7, 1971 through a rich variety of evolutionary stages. Although the name came later, it all started with the Friday evening prayer meetings of teenagers who over a period of a few months swelled in numbers to first fill Rosie Kremm’s living room before moving to a chapel, and then on to the gymnasium of Ursuline Academy. It also includes the “honeymoon period" at the Crosley Mansion, where teens newly in love with the Lord gathered to pray, to study the Scriptures, to become disciples, and to fall in love with one another and with God.

As the community continued to grow, for many years it was located at 745 Derby Avenue in the Winton Place Neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio (now Spring Grove Village). It also spread throughout the neighborhood and beyond into the households of community members. All kinds of ministries and forms of service flourished in New Jerusalem as people from the world over came to visit and learn about the extraordinary things God was doing here, including TEC retreats, healing teams, traveling teams and so much more.

Many families and their children grew up in this rich ferment of “right relationship,” “Circles of Spiritual Companions,” and service to the community and the world. And today New Jerusalem includes all those who continue to gather in the name and spirit of the original community within countless settings, ministries, forms of service, and organizations that were spawned and later spun out from the rich blessings here.